East Arnhem Health Reform Community Consultations

Funding: OATSIH/Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation
Duration: December 2011
Location: East Arnhem


  • We were approached to conduct the consultations because we have a long history of on-the-ground consultancy work and professionalising Yolŋu consultants
  • We worked with two YACI consultants and recruited another seven Aboriginal consultants from East Arnhem communities who inform, interview and survey members of their communities about the East Arnhem health reforms
  • We ran a 2-day workshop where we informed consultants and discussed issues relating to the health reforms, developed consulting materials and resources, and practiced surveying and collecting information
  • Community consultants phoned, emailed and faxed their results to us and we closely supported their work through regular phone calls
  • We collated and analysed the results of the consultations and developed a PowerPoint presentation and Report