Individual Support Program Evaluation (with Tangentyere Research Hub)

Funding: Individual Support Program, Tangentyere Council

Duration: Jul 2017 – Jul 2018
Location: Alice Springs


In June 2017, researchers from  the Northern Institute, CDU were engaged by Tangentyere Council to undertake an evaluation of their Individual Support Program (ISP). The ISP focuses on case support for people referred to the program with alcohol related problems, and an integrated approach to harm minimisation within Alice Springs and nearby communities. This evaluation involves collaborative work with ISP program staff, and Indigenous researchers from Tangentyere research hub, and aims to develop appropriate forms of evidence based evaluative practice to support the ongoing improvement and reporting of the program.

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  • The evaluation is planned and structured as a collaborative and iterative process. It focuses on continuous improvement in both practice and outcomes from the ISP, and the processes for monitoring and evaluating Tangentyere programs.
  • The focus on continuous improvement will form the basis of articulating a Tangentyere approach to Evidence Based Policy and Practice (EBPP).
  • The evaluation focuses upon both the effectiveness of the program itself as well as its processes.
  • The collaborative evaluation process focuses upon meetings with program stakeholders, and program participants, both individually and as a whole group.
  • We will provide data and reports from each meeting for all participants, and encourage feedback and input from participants about the process, and ideas for how it could be improved