Investing in Aboriginal Languages

There are many Aboriginal languages in Australia belonging to many different groups. The government is interested in how it should invest in keeping Aboriginal languages strong.

Through this project we are working with Language Centres across the NT and WA, and with Aboriginal language speakers and authorities to:

  • Share your knowledge and ideas about your own language with others
  • Talk to your elders and find out stories about language from them
  • Share stories about the work of your language centre
  • Make plans together about the future of your language and your Language Centre work.
  • Help the government understand what Aboriginal people know and want for their languages, so they can target their funding in ways which make sense to the Aboriginal owners of the languages

We are available to:

  • work with the elders recording old stories and ideas about language
  • make videos and booklets to share your stories
  • use your website to tell about, and celebrate, your language work
  • make plans for your future work for keeping your languages strong
  • make your plans clear to governments and other organisations like rangers, art centres, tourism operations, as well as to your community