NLC Community Planning and Development Program: Monitoring and Evaluation

In 2019, the Northern Land Council initiated a Community Planning and Development (CP&D) project. A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) component has paralleled the life of the project, with a number of different threads of M&E work being developed across a number of communities in the Northern Territory.

This CP&D M&E strategy has involved several sub-projects:

  • Subproject 1 – Expanded community development process (all project sites)
  • Subproject 2 – Participatory monitoring (Galiwin’ku and Gapuwiyak)
  • Subproject 3 – Checking-up to keep on track (Legune)
  • Subproject 4 – Data management system
  • Subproject 5 – Analysis
  • Reporting/ communications

GroundUp Researchers from CDU have been engaged to undertake Sub-Project 2 – Participatory monitoring (Galiwin’ku and Gapuwiyak). Research in these communities has followed a GroundUp approach, working collaboratively with local co-researchers, collecting stories and developing sets of M&E criteria which make sense in the places where they arise.

Ground Up M&E

GroundUp research and evaluation methods take seriously at the outset, the authority and sovereignty of Aboriginal knowledge authorities and elders and their various places, and work collaboratively with them to design, undertake and evaluate research and service delivery from the ground up. Interpretive work – where possible – engages both traditional Aboriginal knowledge and agreement making practices, and those of government and nongovernment organisations, and universities.