Planning for sustainable economic development and biodiversity conservation on Indigenous lands

Researchers: Mavis Kerinaiua, Margaret Ayre, Alana Breklemans, Michaela Spencer, Emily Nicholson, Alys Young

Project Partners: This project is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, the Tiwi Land Council, Tiwi Resources Ltd, Deakin University and Charles Darwin University

The project aims to support innovative and effective processes of Tiwi decision-making, land management, and cross-cultural land-use planning for sustainable economic development and biodiversity conservation. The project will involve collaborative work with Tiwi elders, researchers and organisations, and university researchers. This is to make visible and better support strategic land-use decisions on the Tiwi Islands, while advancing knowledge about trade-offs and opportunities for development and conservation through Tiwi processes and under Tiwi authority.   

This project will assist the Tiwi Land Council and Tiwi people and organisations in identifying and exploring priorities to support decision making and integrated land use planning for economic development and biodiversity on the Tiwi Islands.