Provision of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the RECS Strategy

This project aims to develop culturally appropriate fit-for-purpose monitoring and evaluation processes assisting the iterative improvement and review of NT government engagement and coordination and the RECS. Ground Up work, in the context of this project, will support the professionalisation of Aboriginal researchers, and public articulation of ground-up both-ways practices of collaboratively negotiating with government workers and local Elders’ solutions to emerging problems of the moment.

The process will explore current practices and structures for activity tracking available to government workers through RIET (Bushtel, TRIPS, RAISE, incident mapping, Bush Ready etc) and identify ways of configuring, enhancing and producing evidence from those data, and ways of connecting them to other activities and remote community authorities. This will be complemented by Ground Up engagement of local researchers in one key community with an established local research presence, including senior governance authorities, to design and implement ground-up M&E practices of collecting evidence.

The process will then explore how evidence about outcomes and processes can be analysed from the different perspectives of NTG and Aboriginal people. The aim will be to generate information that serves the interests and needs of all stakeholders. These ideas will be put together for a draft comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework.

Project report: Available to commissioning NTG department only.