Trial Community-based Cultural Mentoring Program

Funding: NTGPE
Duration: July 2013 – 2014
Location: Galiwin’ku


The overarching goal of the Community-based Cultural Mentoring Program is to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal people

To help achieve the overarching goal, the NTGPE Community-based Cultural Mentoring Program aims:

  • To support cultural education through community involvement and participation
  • To utilise the knowledge of community members in providing cultural mentoring as a valuable resource
  • To increase the likelihood of a positive experience for both GPRs and PGPPPs and communities, during placements and decrease the effect of ‘culture shock’
  • To improve cultural security for doctors, other health staff and Aboriginal community members
  • To improve GPR and Junior Doctors well being and satisfaction of placement to increase the likelihood of them returning as GPs in the future and improve GP recruitment and retention rates
  • To establish a network of skilled cultural mentors in remote communities in the NT
  • To create employment and possible career paths for local Aboriginal people living in remote communities

Three Stages

Stage 1: Facilitating a workshop at Galiwin’ku to negotiate and plan a trial CMP at Galiwin’ku

Stage 2: Implementing, further developing, documenting, and evaluating the trial CCP at Galiwin’ku

Stage 3: Re-writing the 2009 CMP proposal to submit for funding based on the trial CMP at Galiwin’ku

Three Strands

Strand 1: Developing, implementing and evaluating a CMP at Galiwin’ku

Strand 2: Developing a professional learning (PL) program for local Indigenous Cultural Mentors and Cultural Educators

Strand 3: Developing a process that can be used to negotiate and develop similar community-based CMPs in other remote Indigenous communities in the NT