Working Together, Walking Together

Funding: FaCSHIA
Duration: July 2013 – June 2014
Location: Ramingining


The project aims to support community leaders to develop a clear vision for a new corporation, including whether it will focus on enterprise development, government service delivery, or a combination of both. Working Together, Walking Together will provide a structured program to build the individual and organisational capacity of the Ramingining Local Reference Group so that they can engage in, and support service delivery (including the delivery of priority Australian Government programs). This will further underpin the communities’ ability to work in partnership with government on the delivery of reforms that affect them. We will be supporting governance and administration training, and mentoring to help build sustainable outcomes in the new organisation.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Capacity development of the local Ramingining Community
  • Enhanced organisational capacity
  • Community consultation and improved unity
  • Increased competitive ability for the community and organisation
  • Additional support and representation for Ramingining